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About ‘Project POSB’

This project is a conceptual work aimed to solve underlying UX problems on the POSB iBanking app. I started by re-designing certain aspects in relation to the problems that I faced frequently as a user. These problems often put myself into situations where completing certain tasks on the app would require going over a few hurdles.

Prototype Screenshots

This is the outcome of my re-designed POSB iBanking app that addresses all pertaining design issues. I had also re-designed the navigational menu, and categorised the various services into a more meaningful manner. The app includes a new biometric login, which was absent in the current design that would facilitates in user login.

Analysing User Experience

The following screenshots were taken from the existing POSB iBanking app. The key focus of this case study will be in the following areas: fund transfer, balance enquiry, manage payee, login and navigation system. My initial thought process is to break down in detail every screen flows and user tasks.

User Personas

To put things into perspective, The following pictograms focus on three different individuals from different walks of life, with their chief complains listed. Their pain points were derived from performing various common tasks in the app.

Competitive Analysis

I spend a good week researching other competitor’s mobile iBanking apps such as Citi Bank, Maybank, Standard Chartered and OCBC. After detailed analysis, I dived down to OCBC’s iBanking as the specification to solve the problem, as the design of the app is simple and has a strong user-centric approach. I’ve consolidated a list of designs spawned by the app, and noted many positive observations that can be applied to this project.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Initial sketches that outline the improvements, content layout, and strong call to actions.

High Fidelity Wireframe

The previous sketches were refreshed several times with many ideas, which eventually were compiled and translated into amore detailed wireframe, indicating key components of the app, which the prototype would eventually take its shape from.