Hello there.

My name is Jack, welcome to my personal website.
I am a UI/UX designer from Singapore, and I solve problems for a
living. I’ve been a freelance designer since 2014, and had helped
many businesses grow. Hit me up on the contact button below, let’s
talk soon!

About Me

How I got started in
web design

It all began back in my polytechnic school days, and I recalled having a module from my Diploma that required students to each build a website, and then demonstrate key features such as having a shopping cart system, asset inventory and an useable contact form on the website.

I was very interested in the project, as I’ve always been fascinated about how the web works, how Yahoo and Google works, how to setup an online business and how were the other websites available at that time created.

While working on the project, I learnt HTML and CSS from library books and Google on my own. Although ultimately, I did not ace in the project, but the experience I gained was satisfying, and that led me wanting to learn more.

It was then that I decided to pursue further towards this area, as it was something that intrigues me, and I became passionate about web programming. Later in life, I landed my first client, whom I managed an excellent job for and had received my first project fee. It was such a great drive towards my eventual motivations and confidence.

My Skills

I’ve learnt and known HTML & CSS for a long time, and currently, they are my 3rd and 4th languages apart from English and Mandarin.

Over the years of designing websites, I’ve come to learn about the importance of user-centered design. That means applying empathy, and stepping away from a designer’s perspective and start focusing on solving real world problems from an user’s standpoint.

Outside of work

I enjoy a nice cup of coffee and I love Jazz and piano music. I spend my leisure time by watching TED talks on youtube and one of my favourite speaker is Simon Sinek.

I enjoyed playing the game Lords Mobile on my phone, and it is the only game that I currently plays. There’s just too much stuffs to do in my life.

Back in early 2017, a family member bought a Yamaha np-12 keyboard with the intend to self-learn a piano piece. However, she had gave up eventually after several attempts.

As as result, the keyboard sat at a corner of the house, collecting heaps of dust in the subsequent months. I found myself playing with it after witnessing a live piano performance at Esplanade, and spend my spare time learning many piano tutorials on Youtube.