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About this project

Carpal is a delivery and logistic company that provide same day delivery service to both consumers and business. This project was assigned to me as a skillset assessment. The software that I used to build the prototype are Sketch and Adobe Photoshop.


The objective of the project is to provide design solutions to solve key challenges faced by the users of the app. I am also tasked to translate the project requirement into designs.

The users in this case study are delivery drivers, who on a daily basis were assigned jobs consisting of different orders, and are required to complete the orders for each respective jobs with specific timeframes throughout the day.

Gathering requirement

I start off by understanding the background information of the case study by going through the user’s story repeatedly. I created a to do list to plan the work ahead for each following phase, starting from the Information Architecture of the project.

Key challenges

Drivers should not miss his current/upcoming jobs. Otherwise, he might get delayed for one delivery, which could potentially cause a chain reaction of all subsequent orders/jobs. Drivers should not miss the PoD step. Without obtaining PoD, the driver app should not allow the driver to start the next order.

Information Architecture

I created the IA to identify all key features and functions. It also provide a brief overview of the screen-flow and navigation.


I lookup online for existing designs inspired by other delivery and logistic mobile apps that proved to be workable solutions for our requirements. I also downloaded other delivery based apps namely ‘Grab Eats Driver App’ and ‘Food delivery driver app’ to gain further insights on the screen flow and hierarchy.

User flow (Task flow analysis)

I break down the Information Architecture into user flows in ensuring user’s goals are met in each screen. The analytical breakdown of each screen allows me to translate the controls with great efficiency into graphical UI designs in the next phase.

Low fidelity wireframe

I sketched my wireframe on paper, with guidelines planned earlier using the IA and user flow phases.


The final outcome of the prototype was constructed using Sketch. The designs were translated from wireframe ideas noted down on my sketch book.

Interactive Prototype:

The designs were imported into Marvelapp with Sketch.