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My name is Jack, welcome to my personal website.
I am a UI/UX designer from Singapore, and I solve problems for a
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About this project ‘Emily Hill’

EmilyHill is an events venue company located at Upper Wilkie road. The management group approached me for a website revamp. Originally their website was outdated with ambiguous links and dated pictures. They wanted a brand new look with some added functionalities as well.

Prototype Screenshots

The entire project took about a month and a half to complete, and was delivered with a 100% requirement fulfilment.

Gathering requirements, sketches

I’ve meetup with the stakeholders at Emily Hill, various ideas were presented and discussed over pencil and paper sketches. It was a hearty session, as the management were clear and concise.

High Fidelity Wireframe

A high fidelity wireframe was constructed after subsequent reviews from the sketches made. However, there were numerous revisions due to client changes and requests. The following is the initial look of the wireframe.